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We distribute high quality musical instruments and Audio products into the UK and Ireland
     Some of the best brands in the world, just need an opportunity to be played !

We distribute the following Quality Brands in the UK and Ireland: PrimeVibe,Prime-Vibe,Primevibe,THD,Da-Cappo,QUE,Sandberg,Sandberg Basses,Sandberg Guitars,Phil Jones Bass Amps,PJB,AAD,Lightsnake,Galaxy.i-Tab,itab Power Plug 6/12, Powerplug lite, Power plug 100, Airpulse,

These Brands have the following product names: THD Hotplates,BiValve,Flexi50,UniValve,California bass,Panther bass,Electra bass,Terra Bass,Basic,Umbo,Que Mikes,E.N.G kit,Cub,Supercub,AG100,AG300,Briefcase,Suitcase,Super Flightcase,Sixpak,Bassbuddy,Flightcase,Jet city Amplification,Pico Valve, 333, Que Mikes, Q Mikes, THD Hotplates,Roadcase,bass cub,BG-100,AG-100,BG-150,BG-300,Tony Levin, Kyle Eastwood,Nathan East,

High Quality Musical instrument distribution in the UK, England,Scotland,Ireland

i-tab UK,Itab uk,I-tab guitar, itab guitar, The distributor of i-tab in the UK

Phil Jones

Phil Jones Bass

Pure sound

Phil Jones Bass
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